OAKLEY, Calif. (KRON) – A family’s desperate search for answers continues more than six months after their daughter was last seen.  Alexis Gabe of Oakley disappeared on January 26th, in June police announced that they believe she was killed.

KRON4 News spoke to her father Tuesday afternoon about where police are now searching for her body.

“There are so many clues but there’s still no Alexis,” Alexis Gabe’s father, Gwyn Gabe said. He still holds hope that they will find out what happened to his daughter. “We’re not giving up. We’re going to keep searching. We’re going to keep trying our best,” he says. 

Investigators believe she was killed by her ex-boyfriend Marshall Jones of Antioch back in January. Jones was killed by officers as they attempted to arrest him in June. 

Late last week, Antioch police sent the Gabe’s handwritten directions to Pioneer, California.

Police wrote in a letter that they believe it was written by Jones. Gabe’s father explains, “the sister found it and kept it and gave it to police when police arrived at her house to do a search.”

In the letter the Gabe family received from Antioch police it says “Marshall told the friend that he was thinking about killing Alexis and wanted to know where the best place to hide a body would be. The friend and marshall decided the best place to dispose of a body would be by placing it in a septic tank or burying the body in a forest.”

Multiple agencies have searched Pioneer looking for Gabe. They found nothing, the Gabes even went there with Oakley police last Thursday, but Alexis’ mother does not think she’s there. “She was saying I don’t think she’s here. I’m not feeling anything,” Gabe’s father said.

The family says they’re still looking for another missing piece of the puzzle, the back of Gabe’s cellphone. This weekend, they plan to search for it near Live Oak Avenue and Stacy Lane in Antioch, that’s where police found the screen of her phone. “We might be able to get clues of where she’s been because wherever she goes she takes pictures,” Gabe’s father told KRON4.

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This week the Gabe’s also received photos of Gabe from Oakley police. They are the last images of Alexis before her disappearance from a gas station surveillance video.

“It was heartbreaking,” Gabe’s father stated, “my wife can’t join us right now because she was crying non-stop when she saw it.” The city of Oakley is still offering a 100 thousand dollar reward for direct information leading to Gabe’s whereabouts.