Driven over a pothole or two… or three… in the Bay Area, and wonder if it’s a rough and bumpy ride throughout the Bay? 

If you guessed yes — you are correct! 

Turns out roads in the Bay Area are the worst in the entire state, and the burden is costing residents thousands of dollars as a result, according to a new study released by TRIP, a national nonprofit transportation research group. 

TRIP calculate the cost to the average motorist in the San Francisco-Oakland area, and it ended up around $1,049. San Jose came in at $983. 

The study found 71 percent major roads and highway in the San Francisco-Oakland area are in poor condition, with San Jose trailing behind at 64 percent.

Additionally, 77 bridges in the SF-Oakland area were ranked as “structurally deficient.”

If you want delve into the increasing congestion on California roads, the study revealed drivers in Los Angeles spent the most time in traffic — 82 hours lost to congestion. 

Those of us in the San Francisco-Oakland came in second with 80 hours lost, and San Jose rounded out the top 3 at 68 hours. 

>> Click here to see the full TRIP study.