SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The Park Trail stretching from Mountain Lake to the Presidio Promenade as well as the Bay Ridge Trail from the Rob Hill Campground to the Presidio Golf Course will be closed to all leashed or unleased dogs starting March 14 due to coyote pupping season. The closure will run through early September.

“The Presidio Trust closes these trails each season as a precaution to protect local dogs, their owners, and the coyotes during this period,” Presidio Trust officials said in a news release.

(Presidio Trust)

During pupping season, coyotes can become more protective around their pups and may become more aggressive. The Presidio Trust said it expects most of the pups to be born from late March to early April.

The trails will reopen to dogs in early September when pupping season is over.

The trails will remain open to humans.

If you see a coyote in the park:

  • Keep your distance; do not approach the coyote.
  • Keep your dog on a leash and under your control.
  • Observe posted signs about coyote activity in the park.
  • Supervise children when outdoors.

If the coyote does not move away from you:

  • Be as big and loud as possible; shout in a deep, loud, and aggressive voice.
  • Wave your arms and throw small objects (to scare, not injure).
  • Maintain eye contact, which makes them uncomfortable and timid.
  • If the coyote continues to approach, do not run or turn your back on the coyote, but continue to exaggerate the above gestures while backing away slowly.

Never feed coyotes or other wildlife a report any encounters or unusual behavior to (415) 265-9967 or