WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (KRON) — A thief breaks through a lockbox to enter a Walnut Creek plant nursery and gets away with thousands of dollars.

The owners say any loss hurts small businesses struggling through hard times.

The 2 Girls One Plant in Walnut Creek is always locked and never opened. Co-owner Cheyenne Lofthouse-Wolf said Thursday morning that a thief broke into and burglarized her high-end plant boutique.

“We actually had a lockbox, and we are anti-lockbox now,” Lofthouse-Wolf said. “They popped the lock on the lockbox. We had a spare key just so we didn’t have to issue every employee with keys, which is gonna change. They got in with the key unfortunately, tampered with the alarm, fixed the alarm and then continued on.”

Lofthouse-Wolf believes the suspect worked alone.

They stole some of her cash and the cashbox to the register belonging to Leigh Ann Romano Rogers. Rogers shares the suite and operates a psychic medium witch.

In all, the theft is setting both businesses back more than $3,000.

“I feel sick to my stomach and it’s uncomfortable,” Rogers said.

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Second Break-In Reported At Same Lot

On Friday, police returned to the Palos Verdes Mall for another break-in. This time at Taqueria La Playa in the same lot.

An employee says a suspect broke through the front door and failed to burglarize the place once they could not stop the alarm. Still, it’s concerning for small business owners who are already struggling in a tough economy.

“I am a tarot reader and I did have a tarot class in here the night before and I did get this really weird reading about like disaster striking, and I didn’t understand it until the next morning,” Rogers said.

The victims could not provide a description of the suspect.