SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – The grand opening of a new restaurant in downtown San Francisco will likely be delayed after the owners say thieves broke into the business, stole a bunch of equipment and furniture and apparently threw a large party inside.

The restaurant, Ramen Hiroshi, was set to open early next month.

The owner believes they were targeted and scoped out a couple weeks ago because he says there was definitely some planning involved.

He says the burglars covered the glass windows so no one could see inside and found handmade signs posted on the walls but that’s only the beginning.

Co-owner Daniel Bomya recently returned to the strange scene — Taped, covered glass windows at his newest restaurant, planned to open early next month on Pine and Kearny Streets.

However, that grand opening is now in jeopardy because of what Bomya found inside beyond the shielded windows.

Bomya says thieves smashed their lockbox and then broke into the restaurant on Saturday night two weeks ago. 

He says he quickly realized that the burglars stole some of their equipment and furniture and apparently hosted a large underground party in the space based on the trash and vomit left behind. 

Signs were also posted up on the walls letting party go-ers know where the bathrooms are located.

He says the place smelled of marijuana.

He says their surveillance camera system was also stolen. Bomya says he’s now sharing their story to warn other businesses.

The restaurant has since replaced security cameras and a surveillance system at the restaurant.

The original target date for the grand opening was Dec. 10 but with so many things now missing or needing to be replaced, they say it will likely take longer.