SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – Another day in San Francisco and another series of car break-ins, this time along the Embarcadero.

“Around Pier 19, I saw two guys breaking into cars and I started hollering at them trying to get them to stop,” a man said. 

This man, who prefers we not show his face, saw the break-ins and shouted at the thieves.

They took the luggage out of this car, then drove to Pier 19 ½ and broke into another car. That’s when the witness started shouting again and taking photos.

“I was angry this was happening in broad daylight in our city, I was mad that people weren’t stopping and yelling at them, but I feel like people need to get loud and stop this stuff from happening. Inaction leads to this action,” he said. 

When he started taking photos, the witness said, one of the thieves pulled a gun and fired at him.

“I heard shots fired, he aimed it at me and cocked it and I jumped behind the car I was standing next to and that’s when they got into their car and I stood up against and started hollering for people to stop them,” the man said.  

Luckily the witness was unharmed and hours later the visitors, whose cars were broken into, showed up to find there was nothing left. 

“This is my second time here the first time I got mugged and this is the second time and now this happened, and I have worked in Detroit for over ten years and never had a single incident so it’s disheartening that you come to a beautiful city and you feel like you’re not safe,” the victim said. 

Fortunately, a good samaritan found some of the luggage dumped somewhere, contacted the victims, and they headed out to pick up what was left. 

As far as the police response, the people whose cars were broken into were told to fill out an online police report. The witness who was shot at was also told to fill out an online police report and when he called 911 a second time, they agreed to send out an officer to meet with him.