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This Bay Area company will pump your gas so you don’t have to get out of your car

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SAN MATEO, Calif. (KRON) — Usually drivers don’t think twice about filling up their car with gas, but with the coronavirus pandemic spreading some people may be nervous about stopping at a gas station and exposing themselves to others. 

Now, a Bay Area company is offering drivers an alternative.

Right now, we are all supposed to be practicing social distancing, staying away from other people. But, everyone, from time to time has to do certain things and one of those things you might need to do is drive and you’re eventually going to have to gas up your car. 

That means going to a gas station, maybe going inside or possibly touching a gas handle and you don’t know who else may have touched that gas handle.

Well, if you’re not excited about that, there is an opportunity to fill up your car without actually talking to anyone or touching anything. 

The company “Booster” has events around the Bay Area where they take their own mini tankers with gas to parking lots like the one at Target in San Mateo. They allow people to go online to pay for gas. You pull up to the mini tanker, someone comes out they fill up your car.

They then give you the thumbs-up that you’re good to go and you can drive away. You don’t even have to roll down your window or talk to anyone. 

As far as cost, as of Thursday, they’re offering regular gas for $3.29 and premium for $3.49.

“You go to the url, put in the information and it takes care of everything,” a Booster spokesperson said. “Put your payment in, vehicle. You order the gas, we fill you and that’s it.”

Again, the company is called Booster and they plan on having many more of these events.

You can find more information on their website.

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