(KRON) — The San Mateo Police Department is reporting an increase in car thefts over the past year, and they say it has especially ticked up over the past few months.

Hyundai cars are especially at risk due to a flaw in the way their ignition is designed, according to police. Other cars that may be targeted are work trucks and vans like the Ford E-Series, and Dodge Challengers and Chargers, SMPD said.

The work vehicles are being stolen due to toolboxes and racks, while thieves are making devices called “repeaters” to imitate the Dodge cars’ key fobs.

“To prevent this, keep your key fob as far away from your parked car as you can, especially when parked at home,” SMPD said.

Another tip shared by police is to buy a GPS tracking device, put it somewhere inside the car, and link it to your phone. This makes it easier for police to find the car if it is stolen.

Other tips include installing security cameras, parking in well-lit areas and removing all valuables from inside. If you find your own vehicle after it has been stolen, police recommend you do not drive it until police authorize you to do so.