SAN JOSE (KRON) — A popular San Jose salon is sounding the alarm about a recent burglary that was captured by a surveillance camera.  

The owner is sharing the video amid the hunt for suspects in connection with several other recent burglaries in the area.

Police confirmed at least four businesses have been burglarized in the past week here in Willow Glen, including the salon.  

The owner is beefing up security and calling on her neighbors to do the same.

“It was kind of sickening actually,” said salon owner Karie Bennett.

Bennett is talking about about security video that shows two men burglarizing her Atelier Salon early Monday on Lincoln Avenue

“And then I got angry, and when I get angry I get energetic and I want to do something about it,” she said.

The video shows two suspects, one of whom has a backpack with a flashing red light as they rummage through the salon after breaking a window at about 1:30 monday morning. 

I had barely woken up and the first thing I see is somebody creeping around our business,” Bennett said. “They came in and out a few times and took some hair care products.”

Bennett tells KRON4 that two other willow glen area salons and a flower have also suffered recent burglaries. 

She met with a consultant this afternoon about beefing up security.

“Half of the work was done this morning and I am waiting for the alarm company to send  a criminal investigator who will help us identify the access points we need to beef up,” she said. “Most salons don’t even have security, this is a wake up call.”

One of the thieves wore a hoodie but the other makes no attempt to hide his face as they searched drawers and cupboards, adding three iPads to their loot.

“Having someone’s face right there on the security camera, I mean, somebody  knows this guy,” Bennett said.

In and out of the salon in a few minutes, there was no cash for the burglars to find but they got away with some high-end gift packs and other products to the tune of about a thousand dollars.

“Somebody is going to receive some really nice products from our salon,” she said. “And I hope they enjoy it but on the other hand I hope somebody will think about coming forward because if these are the same persons that are hitting these other businesses in the area, they need to be stopped.”