SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – San Francisco is expanding its eligibility for the COVID-19 vaccines to include people ages 16-64 with disabilities or qualified health conditions starting March 15.

The city will also continue outreach to people who live or work in high-risk congregate care facilities such as correctional facilities and homeless shelters.

The vaccine remains in short supply, however, and people scheduled for their second dose are going to be prioritized. As such, even if you are eligible for the vaccine you may not be able to get an appointment.

“Getting vaccinations to people with disabilities and who have severe underlying conditions, and people who are in congregate settings, is an important part of our efforts to save lives and protect our most vulnerable residents,” said Mayor Breed. “Next week, we’ll be moving forward with expanding vaccine access in San Francisco and we’ll continue working with accessibility advocates and community members to make sure we are doing our best to reach everyone who is eligible. Although supply is still not at the level we need it to be, we’re continuing to make good progress and we’ll keep doing our best to get vaccines to people as quickly and conveniently as we can.”

San Francisco is broadening its definition of qualifying conditions for cancer, chronic kidney disease, chronic pulmonary disease, obesity and diabetes patients, compared to the state.

People living with HIV and developmental, medical, physical, sensory, or behavioral health disabilities are also included in the city’s expanded definition of people eligible for the vaccine.

“This is a great step in protecting members of our community who are at higher risk of contracting or dying from COVID-19,” said Dr. Grant Colfax, Director of Health. “Many of those with underlying health conditions and disabilities or who are in congregate living settings have had to endure greater isolation this past year for fear of becoming gravely ill from COVID-19 and vaccinating this population is a critical step in protecting our city.”

People eligible for the vaccine can visit to sign up.

Muni and paratransit services are also free for anyone traveling to and from COVID-19 vaccine appointments.

Healthcare workers, people ages 65 and older and people in at least the 1B tier continue to be eligible for the vaccine.

The Moscone Center vaccine site reached a milestone of 100,000 doses administered this week, with 70% of San Franciscans 65 and older receiving at least one dose of the vaccine.