This Silicon Valley company will pay you $10,000 to leave the Bay Area

Bay Area

(KRON) — Are you looking to escape the high cost of living in the Bay Area and get paid to do it?

A new Silicon Valley start-up is offering $10,000 dollars to qualified job applicants who want to live and work someplace else.

“Our mission is to create jobs and opportunities in suburban and rural communities,” said Doug Ludlow, CEO of Mainstreet. 

Ludlow says there are a lot of people who would love to work for a Bay Area technology company but either do not want to or simply cannot afford to live here.

Ludlow and his two co-founders left Google to launch Mainstreet, currently operating out of the “We Work” center in Downtown San Jose. 

Their business model is to help companies locate and manage employees who are okay with moving out of the Bay Area to work remotely.

Ludlow says Mainstreet has heard from several companies and hundreds of prospective employees.  

He says it’s possible to have a great career in places like Sacramento or Salt Lake City.  

“What we’re hoping to do is make the same level of jobs that are available here, high paying professional jobs with companies like Google, Amazon, companies like Facebook and making them accessible in communities all across the country,” the CEO said. 

Bottom line says Ludlow, companies don’t have to pay top dollar for talent while good workers get good jobs and more affordable housing. 

Mainstreet takes care of the details.

“We’ll set you up in the community with other like-minded remote workers, we’ll give you support tools to help connect you with your home company,” he said. “In some cases, we’ll help you provide benefits.”

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