SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Thousands of stolen items from car breaks-ins and other thefts have been recovered. It was all part of an uncover operation conducted by the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office.

Phones, computers and electronics are some of the 1,000 items discovered Monday when a special San Francisco DA task force served a search warrant at a Boba Tea shop in San Francisco.

The cache – Boudin says, is small fraction of stolen goods recovered from smash and grabs and other crimes.

“We know that the operation we’ve uncovered and making arrest yesterday is a massive global operation shipping across the united states and across the world,” Boudin says.

Coined Operation Autopilot, Boudin says the team used rental cars baited with high value items then armed with tracking devices to go after thieves.

“One of the things we saw in the course of this operation was there were a lot of stolen items ending up at a boba shop and not just our items, but items from actual crime victims,” the DA says.

Arrested Monday at the boba shop, was 41 year old Quoc Le, his wife reportedly owns the shop. Investigators say they plan to trace back the stolen property and return them to victims. Boudin also added while this bust was the first, it won’t be the last.

“One of the biggest hopes is that this operation will deter future similar criminal intent,” Boudin said. “We know that lots of of people commit auto burglaries in San Francisco, because they don’t fear they’ll get arrested, but not every single person considering committing these crimes will have to contend with we are watching. We’re coming for you and there will be consequences if you commit crimes in our city.”

Le, made bail Tuesday but is being monitored with a GPS tracker.