RICHMOND, Calif. (KRON) — Three robberies that happened in Richmond Tuesday may have been done by the same subject, the Richmond Police Department said. In all three instances, the suspect pointed a gun at a victim.

The first incident happened near the Hilltop Mall. The victim told police that after making a deposit at a bank, the suspect approached them with a gun. The victim ran away, and the suspect shot at them, but the victim was not struck. The suspect got into a vehicle as a passenger and fled.

Later that day, officers responded to the area of Blume Avenue and Klose way for another reported robbery. Police said the victim was walking through the parking lot when a suspect with a similar description pointed a gun at the victim and demanded her purse. The victim gave up the purse and the suspect fled.

The final robbery happened in the area of San Pablo Avenue and Garvin Avenue. The victim was waiting at a bus stop when the suspect approached him and demanded his phone and backpack. The victim gave his items up, and the suspect left in a car. The suspect matched the same description as the suspect from the first two robberies.

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Police did not release a description of the suspect.