SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A mid-October heat wave brought Heat Advisories to much of the Bay Area on Thursday, and some cities beat longstanding high-temperature records, according to the National Weather Service. San Jose, Richmond, Napa and even San Francisco International Airport all saw record-breaking heat.

San Jose beat out a 110-year-old record for its Oct. 19 high temperature, NWS said. In 1913, the previous record was set at 91 degrees. On Thursday, the temperature soared to 93 degrees.

In Richmond, Thursday’s 92-degree high set a new record for Oct. 19. The previous record was 89 degrees, set in 2020.

Napa narrowly set a new Oct.19 record for high heat when it peaked at 95 degrees Thursday. The previous high-temperature record was set 90 years ago in 1933 for a 94-degree day.

Travelers and workers spending any time outside of SFO Airport also felt a record-breaker. The previous Oct. 19 record was set last year in 2022 for 86-degree heat. On Thursday, the temperature there was marked at 88 degrees.

In addition to record-breaking maximum highs, three Bay Area locations had record-breaking high minimum temperatures for Oct. 19, according to NWS. San Rafael only cooled to 61 degrees on Thursday, beating a 1979 record which was set at 60 degrees. Richmond’s minimum temperature was 62 degrees, trumping the 2015 record of 61 degrees. SFO Airport saw the minimum temperature only dip to 63 degrees for the record, where the previous record was 61 degrees in 2014.

“A dome of high pressure” over the Bay Area was the cause of the high heat, explained KRON4 Meteorologist Kyla Grogan.

The Heat Advisory issued Thursday has expired, and relief is already on the way Friday. “By the weekend temperatures will slip below seasonal averages,” Grogan said.

“There is even a small chance of a shower on Sunday bringing further cooling,” she added.

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