STINSON BEACH, CALIF. (KRON) – The race is on to salvage a beached sailboat in Marin County before it is dismantled. 

The 33-foot boat called “The Chandalar” drifted onto shore on July 31. Its captain says the boat veered off-course while on autopilot, getting stuck near Stinson Beach. The captain is hopeful a new attempt to get it back to sea is just around the corner.

“We have tried 30 different ways to get this out,” Captain Logan Walker said.   

Walker owns the craft wedged into the heavy sand at Stinson Beach. For days, he, along with some volunteers, have labored to free the sailboat and allow Walker to sail back to Seattle.  

Walker says they are pushing forward even after their failed efforts on Wednesday, but time is starting to run out. The Marin County Sheriff’s Department informed Walker his boat was an environmental hazard, and if it is not moved by August 31, it would be removed.  

Logan struck back and got a temporary restraining order, with a hearing now set for September 7.

“Hope is running low, because this is the last high tide,” said Djuna, who was volunteering to help on Thursday. 

Locals have come out to watch and lend a hand. A couple vacationing from Berkeley celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary even pitched in.

Logan says at times he is moved by all of the support.  A GoFundMe has been set up to help pay for equipment.