NOVATO, Calif. (KRON) — Your dogs and other pets may love the outdoors, but during a heat wave like the Bay Area is experiencing this week, it is important for owners to protect their pets from the high temperatures.

Just like people, pets will need limited time in the sun and to stay well hydrated. With dogs, it is always a good idea to incorporate water whenever possible.

“Play games with your pets, fill up a kitty pool for the dog who likes to be in water or take them to the beach,” said Lisa Bloch of Marin Humane Society.

Getting them to and from the car could be the difficult part. Bloch said that even walking your dog on a sidewalk or across a parking lot can be harmful.

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“We’re struttin around our shoes on right, so we don’t feel the heat coming up, but it can really damage and in fact burn the paws of an animal to be hot pavement,” said Bloch.

It is not just smaller animals like cats and dogs that Marin Humane Society works with. Larger livestock are also prone to heat exhaustion.

“A lot of people have backyard chickens, or ducks, or horses and it’s really important that you know how to keep them cool and do whatever you can to keep them as safe and as comfortable as possible,” said Bloch.

Bloch said it is always worth reminding pet owners about the dangers of leaving their pets inside a car on a hot day. “Sometimes we’ve had to bring them to the emergency hospital because they’ve been so ill and then of course we have had animals die if left in hot cars,” said Bloch.

If you see an animal in a car, you can call your local animal shelter or 911 to report it.

If it seems as though the animal in the car is in immediate need of medical attention, Bloch said California law protects you if you need to get the animal out yourself.

“If that animal’s life is in danger, you can break the window, making sure you called 911 first and you would not be held liable for the damages of that vehicle,” said Bloch.

Bloch has a helpful tip when it comes to telling if pavement or a walkway is too hot for your pet to walk on. She said you can reach down yourself, and if it is too hot to touch for you, then the same goes for your pet.