SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — There’s nothing like a road trip on a three-day weekend and highways heading north as well as in the South Bay and the East Bay were filling up throughout the afternoon. But with temperatures expected in the triple digits, it is more important than ever to make sure the vehicle is road trip ready before heading out.

Mechanic Kevin Abuyaghi with R & M Automotive says the oil is one of three things to check before hitting the road. The second is making sure the coolant is at the right level.

“If your coolant is low and you drive and it’s too hot, it will overheat and you will be stuck in the middle of the freeway,” Abuyaghi said.

And finally, check to make sure all four tires are filled to the recommended level. Still, sometimes no level of preparation will keep you from breaking down, especially in this heat. If you do have to pull over, you have to do it carefully.

“We have seen people pull off the side of the road and they either have their car still running or just the heat or you know, the vehicle up against the excessively dry brush or vegetation can easily start a fire,” said Paul Lowenthal. “It’s critical that if you do have to pull off the side of the road this holiday weekend that you pull off in a safe environment, and again, never into an area that’s covered with dry vegetation, seasonal grasses, just steer clear of it.”

Lowenthal says part of this one less spark campaign applies to those pulling a boat or a trailer who also need to take special precautions.

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Making sure you double-check or triple-check the chains that they’re not potentially going to drag and again spark and potentially ignite a fire is key — especially with the amount of traffic that’s going to be on the roads this holiday weekend.

AAA expected to provide roadside assistance to more than half a million drivers nationwide this holiday weekend. More than 123,000 of those drivers will be here in California. That’s good enough reason to make sure you take steps, so you’re not one of them.