Town hall meeting held in Dublin covers impeachment, gun control and health care

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DUBLIN (KRON) — From President Trump’s impeachment trial to gun control and healthcare, people in the East Bay are discussing what is next for Washington D.C.

Representative Eric Swalwell held the first Town hall meeting of 2020 Thursday evening in Dublin.

The meeting drew a large crowd to Dublin High School, Swalwell’s alma mater, but not all were supporting the congressman.

Some cheered and jeered as Swalwell took the stage Thursday night. Among them, those supporting second amendment rights.

“What is an assault weapon you should ask him,” Mike Grant said.

Grant owns Guns Unlimited in Dublin, he does not agree with Swalwell’s plans on gun control.

“It impacts all the people who bought the guns legally and he wants to do a buyback program,” Grant said.

“Gun safety is one of my top priorities,” Swalwell said. “I have a 2-year-old and a 1-year-old. And my personal timeline on this is to do something before they go to high school and have to go through these duck-and-cover drills.”

He also discussed healthcare and what’s next for 2020.

“What’s going to happen if Trump doesn’t get impeached? Is it going to set a precedent for our government and the way future presidents are going to act? I’m very concerned about that,” one resident said.

Swalwell called for impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump in June.

The congressman dropped out of the race for president in July.

He also told the crowd that he had sent a bill to Congress about parental leave for every federal employee. But as of right now, he wants to focus on the impeachment trial and then he’ll consider who he’s going to endorse for the Democratic candidate as we get closer to Super Tuesday.

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