DANVILLE, Calif. (KRON) — In the town of Danville, maintenance crews have repaired more potholes in the past week and a half than they typically cover up during an average year.

The rain is to blame. Crews are taking advantage of dry days to fix the problems.

On rare dry days, Danville maintenance services crews and contractors are responding to potholes caused by weeks of heavy rain.

“To date, in the last week and a half, we’ve filled over 150 potholes,” said Maintenance Services Director Dave Casteel.

To put that into perspective, Casteel says the town averages about 100 pothole repairs a year. A big reason for the increase in potholes is because 20 inches of rain has already fallen less than a month into the new year.

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That’s just two inches less than the annual average.

“It’s unusual,” said Casteel.

Among the worst of the damage is on Alameda Diablo Avenue at Diablo Road. The rain caused a large dip in the road, making for dangerous driving conditions. A crew covered it up with a hot mix of rock and oil, which should remain stable until the roadway is repaved.

“They’ll grind out the pothole to even out the edges and then pour in that hot mix and then go over it with the roller to really compact it and get it set in there,” Casteel explained, “and, the hot mix typically performs very well and lasts for a long period of time.”

Casteel says the pothole damage is widespread and encourages residents to report potholes using the Danville Connect app. His crews are aware of hot spots and are tending to them while the sun is out.

“Sycamore Valley Road, Camino Tassajara, Diablo Road,” said Casteel. “We’ve got some potholes on La Gonda as well as San Ramon Valley Boulevard that we’ll be filling as well.”