SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — San Francisco police are doing their part to stop solicitation of sex workers in the residential area of Capp Street, according to a post from the San Francisco Police Department’s Traffic Company.

Officers with SFPD’s Mission District worked with the traffic officers on what they call “prostitution abatement.” Photos from the scene show an officer on a motorcycle as it pulls over a Toyota Prius in the area.

The City of San Francisco put up barricades at the south end of Capp Street to curb drivers from heading through the area. A neighbor — who spoke to KRON4 on the condition of her anonymity for her safety — says the city’s efforts are working.

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“It has been so quiet every night since they were installed. Not only are there hardly any cars, but there are hardly any sex workers,” the resident told KRON4. Photos shared from before and after the barricades went up look noticeably different.

Left: before barricades, Right: after barricades (Photo courtesy of Capp Street Community Watch)

This week, the Assistant Chief of SFPD David Lazar sent a stern message to people heading into the area to participate in sex work, “They need to know that Capp Street and this city is off-limits. We are not going to tolerate this behavior,” he said.