Travel Gear: Be the ‘professional’ photographer on your vacation

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You don’t have to be a professional photographer to get great vacation photos.

Travel enthusiast Dana Rebmann showed KRON 4’s Marty Gonzalez what’s in her camera bag.

Dana says she doesn’t use any equipment that the average person can’t buy or easily travel with.

Her general go-to camera is a Canon Powershot SX60. 

Dana says it’s relatively small and lightweight, but it has a great zoom, and it helps her get visuals of Polar bears roaming in Churchill, Canada. 

Dana can quickly go back and forth between shooting video and still photos.

There are manual settings, but if you want to go totally auto, that’s okay too.

The price of the Canon Powershot SX60 is around $450.

Dana shoots a fair amount of underwater footage. She uses two small cameras.

One’s a GoPro Hero 5, the other a Canon Powershot D20.

They’re both workhorses, capable of shooting video and photographs.

Dana says It’s a rugged camera too.

The newest model is a D30, expect to pay around $329.99.

Dana also uses a GoPro, but the monitor is really small, so you really don’t know what your footage looks like in real time.

For the GoPro Hero 5, this model is around $240, but there are newer models you also choose from.

Lastly, the best camera, is the one you actually use.

And for most folks these days, that’s your phone.

Dana says her phone is probably her most important travel item and the camera is a big reason why.

To improve her shots, Dana attaches a grip on her phone. (This one is called a Shoulderpod, it runs around $30 on Amazon.)

It has a loop that fits around her wrist so she doesn’t drop her phone.

There are even instances where Dana also attaches a lanyard through the loop and that goes around her neck.

If she’s using multiple cameras and doesn’t have much time to switch back and forth.

It just makes things easier.



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