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Travelers take precautions at San Francisco airport amid coronavirus concerns

Bay Area

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — At the San Francisco International Airport precautions continue to develop surrounding the outbreak the coronavirus. 

“Probably the biggest change of late, the schedule reductions that United Airlines announced today, going to and from China,” Doug Yakel, airport spokesperson, said. “Really it’s a reaction to the department of state health advisory, advising U.S. citizens against travel to China right now. No doubt we are seeing a variety of airlines adjusting their flight schedule in anticipation of reduced demand because of that travel advisory.” 

He says it is important to inform travelers that there have been no confirmed incidents involving the coronavirus here.

“Absolutely. No cases confirmed in San Francisco,” he said. “No cases confirmed at SFO. The Center for Disease Control or CDC remains on hand here at SFO. They continue to screen passengers.”

Several passengers in the international terminal were spotted wearing surgical masks.

“Back in China we have to. Everyone has to,” said Connie Cheng, who was traveling from Beijing, China. 

However one passenger from Norway tells KRON4 that he doesn’t bother with it.

“It’s no point. The virus is so small it goes through the mask. Particles get out. I don’t get the smog. That’s great,” said traveler Thomas Mastl. 

When it comes to wearing masks at SFO, Yakel says the airport takes its cues from the cdc

“None of these health agency at this time are indicating that it is required or that it is necessary for prevention of the spread of the coronavirus. Now that being said we know that people are more comfortable at this time, wearing a mask,” Yakel said. 

He said travelers can wear masks if it makes them more comfortable. 

“So for both our passengers and our employees, our guidance is, you’re not required to wear one. If it makes you feel more comfortable you are welcome to bring your own,” Yakel said. 

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