MARIN, Calif. (KRON) — A woman was caught on camera throwing eggs at a car participating in a Trump caravan Sunday in Marin City.

The woman recording says they were trying to leave the Marin City Target parking lot when an angry mob starting screaming at them.

It started in Santa Rosa, stopping in Novato and gathering supporters along.

By the time what they called the “Trump train” reached the gateway shopping center in Marin city, the county sheriff estimates there were somewhere between 250 and 350 vehicles, including some full sized retired fire trucks.  

The sheriff’s department says the group honked horns and yelled thru loudspeakers as they were inundated with calls from concerned Marin City residents, which is a small and primarily African American community. 

Eventually, 50-100 counter-protestors showed up.

Paul Austin, who runs a non profit for kids was one of them.

“There was everything from ‘four more years, four more years’ to them cussing out folks. Giving you the middle finger, using the n-word. Just inciting what they were probably looking for to get underneath people skin,”

We spoke to Stacey Evans who was in the car hit by eggs. She has a different side to the story.

“We had African-Americans in our group, so there’s no way we would’ve been doing that kind of stuff,” said Stacey Evans.

“So in this day and age are not allowed to fly a trump flag have a bumper sticker harker horns in celebration without people getting offended without people thinking were intimidating them that’s ridiculous,” Evans added.

The Marin library where the egg-throwing took place is also a ballot drop off.

Austin believes the event was meant to intimate voters in the community.

 The two sides do agree on one thing, that Sunday’s event underscores their resolve to get out and vote. 

Marin City residents expressed their concerns on social media.

One anonymous KRON4 viewer posted video of the caravan headed south on 101 toward the Golden Gate. Her tweet said, “Glad I had my Biden shirt on.”

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