Trump impeachment rally held in San Francisco

Bay Area

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Impeachment rallies are being held across the country.

Organizers said they’re fed up with President Trump and the way he’s leading our country.

One of the rallies was held in San Francisco Sunday afternoon off the Embarcadero.

“This is the San Francisco location of a nationwide set of rallies going on,” Organizer Vara Ramakrishnan said. “There’s about 57 rallies in cities and towns and small streets all over the country. What we’re doing is we’re showing our support to congress which is headed back to DC tomorrow at a uniquely dangerous time in our country’s history.” 

Ramakrishnan continued.

“Families, little children in our custody not being treated even as well as they would treat their dog. That’s not OK.”

“Help promote to get order in this United States,” Rob Blum said. “To get Trump out of the office and the team of people around him. Honesty and integrity and that’s what we don’t have. It’s just a constant divide that’s being transpired and I want a fair and balanced country. I feel he’s taking this more into a dictatorship.”

“He’s always been a coward,” Ramakrishnan said. “He’s refused to show his taxes. We know nothing about his finances. The Trump chicken was bought by the people of Los Altos, Los Altos Hills and Palo Alto in February 2017 right after Trump was inaugurated. It’s lived in my garage. It’s pulled out about a dozen times. He’s a coward and he’s also a traitor so the chicken represents him.”

“Now we just gotta get the scums and the bums out of the White House,” Blum said.

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