BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KRON/CNN) — President Donald Trump made a quick stop in Bakersfield, California before heading to Phoenix.

The president addressed several California issues, and took aim at San Francisco.

“Look what’s happened to San Francisco, so sad what’s happened when you see a slum. It’s worse than a slum, there’s no slum like that. What they’ve done to San Francisco is a crying shame,” he said. “And it’s something we’re going to do something about. Because, if they don’t fix it up, clean it up, take care of the homeless, do what they have to do — but clean up their city, the federal government is going to have to step in. We’re going to do it in Los Angeles and San Francisco.”

Trump also said he’s determined to fix California’s water issues, saying he will use the latest science to monitor water distribution.

He also talked about his wall, ensuring that it is currently being built.

“We’re up to 122 miles. In a very short time, we’ll be over 500 miles,” he said. “It’s already had a tremendous impact. So, the wall is moving along.”

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