NAPA COUNTY (KRON) – As KRON4 reported last month, the New Belgium Brewing Company promised on its website a beer-themed amusement park – complete with illustrated concept designs – “coming soon to Napa.”

But when planning officials cast doubt on whether such a plan would be allowed in the county, and the company did not respond to KRON4’s requests for comment, it appeared that would-be swimmers may not soon get to swim in 130,000 gallons of Hazy IPA.

But on Aug. 8, the truth came out, when Communications Director Adam Fetcher of the New Belgium Brewing told KRON4 that the theme park was “admittedly preposterous.”

In an Instagram video post, New Belgium pointed fun at the “not-in-my-backyard” attitudes of some Napa County residents.

“This prank was a fun way to poke at the cultural tension between the global symbol of exclusivity and ‘taste’ Napa represents, and a growing movement – especially among younger people – that embraces a spirit of inclusivity (and a bit of irreverence) and seeks out spaces where anyone can feel 100% comfortable being their true selves,” Fetcher told KRON4. “This is a worldview Voodoo Ranger shares deeply with our fans, and it’s allowed us to open up the craft beer tent to include a large and more diverse group of drinkers.”

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Fetcher stated that “we truly appreciate the passion we saw from Napa residents in sharing their honest reactions to an admittedly preposterous theme park proposal, and we’re huge fans of this beautiful area and the incredible food and wine the region is known for.”

“While Napa remains a global icon of taste and class, we found the local community extremely warm, welcoming, and thoughtful,” he continued. “It’s our hope that everyone, whether you were for or against the park, can have a laugh at this point and enjoy whatever beverage you like best with people you love.”

The company will make “a significant donation” to the Napa Valley Community Foundation “to support their efforts to support the area’s most vulnerable residents.”

The Napa County Planning, Building and Environmental Services Department declined to comment. The foundation did not return an immediate request for comment.