SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Apparently, even agreeing to go “extremely hardcore” wasn’t enough to save some Twitter employees from losing their jobs. Last week, Twitter owner and Tesla CEO Elon Musk sent out a company-wide email demanding that employees check “yes” and commit to “long hours at high intensity” or effectively, to resign from the company.

Around 1,000 to 1,200 people chose the latter. But according to a report in the Wall Street Journal Monday, even some of those employees who agreed to sign on for Musk’s new “hardcore” version of Twitter have now been laid off.

According to the report, which was corroborated by Bloomberg, members of Twitter’s sales team in particular were laid off, despite many agreeing to go “hardcore.” Layoffs on the sales side reportedly began late on Sunday. Cuts to the sales team impacted account partners and client partners, according to a tweet from Platform reporter Casey Newton that was cited by Business Insider.

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Musk is making cuts to the sales team, even to those who signed on to his new vision for the company, in an effort to balance remaining staff across the sales and technical sides of Twitter, according to Bloomberg. Employees received an email informing them that their roles were no longer necessary, according to reports.

The layoffs were the latest incident in what’s been a chaotic tenure for Musk heading the company. Since completing a $44 billion takeover, the billionaire has laid off about half the company’s staff, attempted to turn the platform’s blue check verification service into an $8 a month subscription service and held a Twitter poll to decide whether or not to reinstate former President Donald Trump’s account.