(KRON)– Twitter appeared to be down for some users on Saturday morning, and a tweet from owner Elon Musk only seemed to add to the confusion.

“Twitter down” began trending on the app after 10 a.m. Several users also reported seeing the note “rate limit exceeded” when attempting to use the application.

Musk tweeted that the tech giant is responding to “extreme levels of data scraping & system manipulation.” As a result, Twitter users with verified accounts are able to read 6,000 posts per day, while unverified accounts are limited reading to 600 posts a day. Newly created accounts that are unverified are also faced with the limit, those users are only able to read 300 posts each day, according to Musk.

By noon, Musk tweeted that those numbers would soon change again. Verified users will be able to view 8,000 posts, unverified users will be able to read 800 posts and 400 for new unverified users.

Musk did not clarify what “reading” a tweet meant, and whether or not that number includes tweets that users simply scrolled past. Some users asked what data scraping is, but that was not clarified.

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