(KRON) — Two gray foxes that were trapped in a deep concrete window well at a Portola Valley home were freed this week, according to the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA. The foxes had apparently fallen into the 10-foot-high window well and were unable to climb out.

Luckily for the foxes, someone who was cleaning the windows in the home spotted them.

“An individual who was cleaning the windows in a Portola Valley home spotted two foxes confined in a deep concrete window well and called us for help,” said PHS/SPCA’s Communications Manager Buffy Martin Tarbox.

Photo: Peninsula HS/SPCA

Rescue staff with the PHS/SPCA arrived on the scene and were able to carefully remove the animals from the well.

“PHS/SPCA rescue staff literally plucked them from their perilous predicament, saving the lives of the two beautiful native Gray Foxes,” said Tarbox.

However, due to the height of the window well, the rescue staff had to enter from inside the house.

“The drop into the window well was so high that our rescue staff was initially unable to reach the foxes. So, with permission from the homeowner, he entered the house, opened the window from the inside of the home to access the window well and was able to securely grasp the foxes putting them in cages and taking them outside for evaluation,” according to Tarbox. “No obvious injuries were found on the foxes, so they were released and they happily fled back into the wild. Since the foxes were unable to climb out of the steep concrete enclosure they most likely would have perished without our assistance.”

Watch the video above to see the foxes being released back into the wild

It is not clear how the foxes ended up trapped in the window well or how long they’d been there. Gray foxes are native to the San Francisco Bay Area, according to the PHS/SPCA.