SAN BRUNO, Calif. (KRON) — A Peninsula resident is terrified and can’t sleep after he said three men broke into his home Friday night and stole money and his two puppies.

The resident, who wishes to remain nameless due to safety concerns, said three men walked through his front yard and broke into his home. It was all captured on his home surveillance cameras.  

The resident said the first man told him to get on his knees and the second man asked where the bag of money was. “That’s when I started walking toward my bedroom, and they started hitting me with a 45-caliber gun. I took the money out and they said it wasn’t enough,” said the resident.

The resident said he did not realize at the time that the men were not only stealing his $20,000 in cash but were also taking Tootsie and Hercules, his eight-week-old English bulldog puppies.

“It hurts me more than anything,” said the resident. “I can’t sleep because it disrupted a lot of my life. It hurts me and my wife.”

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The San Bruno Police Department said the case is under investigation. The resident said other personal items such as a Nintendo game, Air Jordan shoes and a 49ers helmet were also stolen. He said those items are insignificant when it comes to the puppies.

“I hope they come back,” said the resident.