SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Three United States Postal Services workers were assaulted and robbed within days of each other in San Francisco’s Mission District, USPS confirmed to KRON4.

The first robbery happened Saturday at about 5:15 p.m. in the area of 17th Street and Guerrero Street. The mail carrier was shoved and postal keys were stolen, but the victim was not seriously injured, USPS said.

The second robbery occurred Tuesday near 26th Street and San Jose Avenue. An assault and attempted robbery were reported, but the victim was again not injured seriously, per USPS.

On Thursday at 3:40 p.m., a third robbery took place near 2750 23rd St. The carrier was not seriously injured, but keys were stolen. The USPS released an image of the vehicle used in the robbery (below).

The robberies of postal carriers have become a theme in the Bay Area. USPS said three more employees were robbed in San Francisco last week.

“The mail thieves are going to come back to the places that they have been successful before. By keeping that mail out of the mailbox it will keep it out of the hands of mail thieves and it will make it less desirable to point a gun at a letter carrier to try to get the keys to that mail,” U.S. postal inspector Matthew Norfleet told KRON4 over the summer.

Information that leads to an arrest and conviction of someone who robbed or assaulted a postal worker has a reward of $150,000.

There are no photos of suspects in these recent incidents. The video in the player above shows vehicles involved in one robbery speeding off, per USPS.

Anyone who lives in these areas is asked to review surveillance footage and send any relevant videos or photos to USPS. Anyone with information can call (877) 876-2455.