BERKELEY, Calif. (KRON) — A peregrine falcon born at UC Berkeley was found dead near the university’s business school, Cal reported on Thursday. “Lindsay” was one of two falcons that hatched on the campus bell tower in early May.

Lindsay’s body was found by a university staffer and was taken to the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology to be identified. About half of all peregrine falcons die before reaching one year of age, according to the university.

“During their first year of life, they need to learn to hunt, defend themselves and navigate through a dangerous world,” said Sean Peterson, an environmental researcher with Cal Falcons.

There is a red-shouldered hawk’s nest near where Lindsey was found, and the university believes she was attacked by a hawk. “It’s not unreasonable (that this is how Lindsay died),” said Mary Malec, a member of Cal Falcons. “If she got too close, the hawks might have gotten defensive and injured her purposefully.”

In April, Lindsay’s father Grinnell was found dead on a Berkeley roadway, believed to be hit by a car. Grinnell’s longtime partner Annie found a new mate a day after Grinnell’s death.

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Lindsay has 14 siblings, at least two of which have made their homes in other Bay Area locations, the school said. Larry, born in 2018, lives on Alcatraz Island, and Sequoia, born in 2020, resides in San Jose.