(KRON) — A UFC fighter and his friend say they were robbed at gunpoint while visiting the Bay Area. KRON4 spoke to the friend of bantamweight contender Song Yadong and has details on the early morning encounter.

Actor Nan Lin says he was driving home from San Francisco to Sacramento with his friend, Yadong, after a night of drinking. Lin went into Royal Gas Station in Vallejo to buy water for his friend but ended up with a gun pointed at his face.

This is the Royal Gas station that Nan Lin picked for his rest stop Wednesday morning around 2 a.m. Lin was buying a bottle of water for his friend Yandong — a well-known UFC fighter from Sacramento who ranked the No. 8 bantamweight in the UFC.

On Lin’s way back to his car, he was confronted by a group of men.

“I turn around and as soon as I turn around there was a pistol pointed on my face,” Lin told KRON4.

Lin says the man in a ski mask grabbed his gold necklaces and hit him on the side of the neck with the pistol.

“I let go of my chains I let him take it and the guy demanded that I take off my ring, he wanted everything in my pockets. I gave everything to him. Took my phone, took my car keys,” Lin said.

He says the group of men went through his SUV taking everything they could and then robbed his friend in the back seat.

The group left without stealing the car, but Lin and Yandong had no phones to call 911, so they turned to the gas station attendant for help.

“I said did you call 911 he goes no, and I said call 911 he goes no, no,” Lin said.

Lin says after repeated attempts to get the attendant to call 911 his frustrations got the best of him. “I pulled out a gulf club from my car, my attempt was to scare him and I actually hit the window but I shattered it,” he said.

Lin says he eventually gave up on help from the station’s attendant and drove the rest of the way to Sacramento. Filing multiple police reports since then — in hopes the men who robbed him are found.

“He was so confident in what he was doing, I’m like man this guy has done this so many times. This is not his first rodeo,” Lin said.

Phone calls and voicemails to the Royal Gas Station for comment have gone unanswered.