SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – Thousands of reported UFO sightings have been declassified by the federal government this week.

That’s ahead of a deadline set by oddly enough – the coronavirus relief bill.

A mysterious blue light was captured over the skies of Hawaii just this week.

It’s hard to understand exactly why, but lawmakers who want to know more about these kinds of events have tacked on an order for more information on UFOs to the COVID-19 relief bill that could make this past year all the more strange.

“We want to know who are they, why are they here, what are their intentions and how long have they been here,” Ruben Uriarte said.

The clock is ticking for the Pentagon’s discreet program to investigate UFO’s as ordered by a clause in the coronavirus relief bill.

The U.A.P. Task Force, which stands for Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon.

Now has less than 180 days to submit a detailed overview of the UFO mystery to Congress.

So far, this week nearly 3,000 documents have been declassified and can be found on the black vault website.

We spoke with the state director of the Northern California Mutual UFO Network about these developments.

“There might be some groundbreaking information but I can totally understand being cautious because it can be a national security issue too,” Ruben Uriarte said.

That threat may be prompting a stronger push from lawmakers for more information to be shared.

The first public mention of the uap task force came in June 2020 when the Senate Intelligence Committee formally asked the Pentagon for a comprehensive analysis of the mysterious objects.   

Over the last three years, members and staff of the key committees had received closed door briefings about startling encounters with the U.S. Military.

There has been a lot of evidence worldwide including video from our navy pilots which the Department of Defense released last year that captured strange objects moving in ways that defy our current understanding of physics.

Marco Rubio on the Senate Intelligence Committee has been very vocal on demanding more concrete answers and transparency.

“Anytime you have things flying over a military installation, and you don’t know what they are… that immediately raises issues of counterintelligence. And that immediately raises issues of national security. So my view of it is we have something that we need to know the answer to. The American public deserve the right to know as much as possible about it and we shouldn’t allow the stigma associated with the term UFO to keep us from answering that question,” Senator Marco Rubio said. 

For decades, Americans have been reporting various descriptions of things they can’t explain floating in the sky. 

From orbs of light, to saucers and discs.

Despite the new push for information, it may be difficult to prove whether all of it will truly be released. 

This effort by the government and millions of dollars spent on an advanced aerospace threat identification program suggests how serious this is, but whether manmade or something else entirely remains the question.

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