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UNION SQUARE (KRON) — A lot of recovered stolen items are believed to have come from Union Square shops and car break-ins nearby.

As shops are closing late Thursday night, shoppers are still out and about.

It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, Union Square is normally packed with shoppers which also makes it a hot spot for thieves.

Shoppers today tell us how they’re staying safe in light of the increasing break ins and thefts.

Two and a half million dollars worth of stolen items were recovered in San Francisco.

A multi-agency investigation discovered items like cell phones, computers, cameras, purses and more.

Some of the items are believed to be stolen from Union Square, where shoppers are now doing last minute shopping ahead of the holidays.

“I think it’s absolutely devastating but it never ends,” Christine Bryant said. “And around this time with Thanksgiving and the holiday season, that’s when they’re out and about doing things that they should be.”

Christine Bryant traveled up to San Francisco from Santa Cruz to do her holiday shopping.

She and others said they’re keeping a look out this holiday season when thieves are out on the prowl.

“The most important thing is you do not leave any items showing in the vehicle,” she said.

San Francisco police are warning shoppers to be vigilant.

They urge shoppers to stay alert while using electronic devices, keep your keys in your hand while approaching your car, keep your wallet in a hard-to-reach place and don’t carry excess cash.

They also recommend shopping with a friend whenever possible, and if someone demands your things, hand them over and then call 911.

“I mean the signs are everywhere, if you love it don’t leave it,” she said. “It’s so easy you know its just not safe to leave things. People are too desperate now.”

San Francisco police say parking smart is just as important..

Use parking lots with attendants whenever possible and avoid car break ins by taking your items with you.

Also don’t assume they’re safe in your trunk because thieves could be watching you.

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