SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Air travel has seen some major issues over the last few weeks–from delays during the holidays to its communication system going out. And pilots are all saying the same thing: They feel United Airlines is unwilling to invest in them.

The Airline Pilots Association is hosting an informational picket with pilots from United and other carriers gathering at San Francisco International Airport to show support and solidarity in the hopes of coming to a contract agreement.

They say that they’ll be standing shoulder to shoulder until an agreement is reached.

The acting chair captain for the United Master Executive Council Captain Mike Harrison released a statement saying, “Our informational picketing sends management the message–that United pilots are unified, and we`ve waited long enough for a contract. Continued stalling at the bargaining table puts the company`s growth plans at risk and hinders the airline`s overall goal of being the best airline in the world.”

Harrison added that management has chosen to delay the conclusion of negotiations.

The picket is set to commence at 10 a.m. Wednesday and will last until noon.