SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – About $16-million in tolls have gone unpaid for all seven bridges combined, according to Bay Area toll authority.

That number is growing by $4-million each month.

“Of all the people who have crossed a bridge since the pandemic began and have not paid their toll, about 60-percent of that entire group has only crossed the bridge one time,” toll authority spokesperson Randy Renschler said.

“A few bad actors have run up a really large bill, and a large number of people have just crossed the bridge one time,” Renschler adds.

The toll authority says it has taken a soft approach on collecting money. They have the power to send out warning letters, impose fines and withhold a violator’s auto registration.

Since the governor eliminated toll takers and cash payments, tolls are recorded now through FasTrak. Or by license plate readers which pull the driver’s address.

Rentschler says the toll authority has been patient with violators, in case they never received their bill in the mail for a variety of reasons, including a recent move to another location.

“Look we are going to find a way to collect the tolls. The question is how and when,” Renschler adds.

The toll authority board will discuss it’s collection plan later this month.

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