SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — Though a steady stream of people are visiting Napa County’s latest vaccine clinic at the Meritage Resort, just over a third of the 3,000 available appointments are being used.

“This is what we had hoped for when vaccines were plentiful,” Aldredo Pedroza said.

But Napa County Supervisor Aldredo Pedroza says it might be that those who want a vaccine have already got it.

But with only 40% of eligible residents fully vaccinated, the push is on to increase those numbers.

“We still need to make sure we are actively reaching out we are putting out PSA and working with local school districts and county based organization to create awareness about availability,” Pedroza said.

In Marin County, they too have some unused appointments, and are hoping to adding more community clinics will help boost the numbers of those getting vaccinated.

“We have seven additional popup locations in Marin County, one of which is a drive thru option all of which cater walk up, so no appointment is necessary,” Laine Hendricks said.

Solano County doesn’t have unused appointment yet, but expects to next week as most wanting a vaccine will have received it. Then they’ll transition to smaller community clinics with a greater focus on those who are vaccine hesitant.

“When we do a small popup, it’s through a church or senior center or social club,” Dr. Bela Matyas said. “So in a venue, that’s not sterile and huge, but welcoming to that community and familiar, also intend to do popups at our high school.”

Solano County’s Health Officer says this approach is effective, but will take more time.

“In Solano County we will have vaccinated 180,000 to 190,000 with mass vax approach,” Dr. Matyas said. “But next 20 to 30,000 will take much longer because we will only be able to do a few hundred at a time so we will be vaccinating into the summer and we will add to the total but at a much lower rate than we have been.”

Again, this unused vaccine appointment issue varies county to county, here in San Francisco for example they say they don’t have unused appointments and in fact could still use more vaccine to meet demand.