Users respond to Lyft removing its e-bikes

Bay Area

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Lyft has removed its electronic bikes from the loading docks in San Francisco.

They say it’s to investigate and update their battery technology.

Lyft didn’t comment on why they removed the bikes. 

When asked how their investigation may take, they didn’t comment on that either.

“It’s fun,” Sean Swierczewski said. “They go quick. I jumped on it right here this morning.”

Swierczewski rides Lyft bikes to and from work every day.

On Wednesday morning, he took an e-bike.

“I like the electronic ones,” he said. “They make it a little easier. You get an extra workout with one of these. It’s not too bad but the electronic ones are pretty nice.”

But tonight, he rode a classic Lyft bike home, instead of an e-bike after Lyft pulled their electronic fleet while they investigate and update their battery technology. 

They thanked their riders in a statement for their patience.

“I haven’t been able to make the news ones work,” Aiden Fraser said. “But these are good. I get exercise on them and they won’t explode.”

Lyft said the new e-bikes have already gotten 100,000 rides since they launched in the Bay Area last month.

They said it’s unclear whether the bikes and batteries were tampered with or vandalized.

They also said they’ve had no reports of any injuries.

“You hear cars getting recalled all the time, I dont think its any different,” Swierczewski said. “They are new so they probably have kinks. But I would ride one if they were here.”

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