VACAVILLE, Calif. (KRON) – A Vacaville hair stylist is defying the shelter-in-place order amid the coronavirus pandemic.

On Tuesday, she re-opened her salon to existing clients despite not being an essential business.​

KRON4’s Philippe Djegal reports the woman is willing to risk a fine or the possibility of her business being shut down.

Six weeks without working is long enough for Lia Rivera, the owner of Hairendipity Salon in downtown Vacaville.​ 

Her business is considered non-essential and has been closed during the shelter-in-place but Rivera says she can no longer afford to keep clients away.​

​”It’s a survival tactic at this point,” Rivera said.​

​On Tuesday, Rivera welcomed back existing clients only despite the Solano County Health Officer extending the shelter-in-place order through May 17th.​

By re-opening, Rivera could face a stiff fine and possibly jail time but she believes staying closed would be more costly than getting penalized by the county.​

​”It costs me about seven grand in overhead to keep the salon going, and then my personal income that I earn as a stylist behind the chair to take home to my family is about equal to that, so we’re talking 15-grand a month that I’m guaranteed to lose. I mean, I think it’s worth taking the risk,” Rivera said. ​

​Her client Stacy Roudebush agrees.

Roudebush is a nurse and has no health reservations about taking an appointment at the salon.​

​”I’m not concerned because it’s just the two of us, we both have masks on,” Roudebush said. ​

​Nicole Fahey owns True Roots Juice and Eats next door which has been allowed to remain open during the pandemic unlike most of her neighbors.​

​”All of us down here are pretty much small business owners. So, I sympathize with them everyday,” Fahey said. ​

As for Rivera, she says she has been unsuccessful so far in applying for small business loans and unemployment.​

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