SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KRON) – In an effort to get employees vaccinated, a North Bay business is offering thousands of dollars in incentives. 

The owners of Stark Reality Restaurants are giving away more than $20,000 in prizes in an attempt to convince its staff to get their shots.

The restaurant group says they already have about 85% of their employees fully vaccinated but they want to make it to 100%. 

They’re hoping through these prizes it will motivate staff to reach their ultimate goal of keeping everyone safe. 

While working in a restaurant much of your time involves face-to-face interactions and working in tight spaces.

As COVID-19 and its mutations continue their wrath, a restaurant owner is offering thousands of dollars to their workers through a vaccine lottery.

“We were inspired by the California lotteries and just thinking of ways to help push the person that might be thinking about getting it over the edge and getting that shot,” David Zimmerman, executive chef at Stark Reality Restaurants, said. 

$21,000 in gift cards will be spread out across Stark Reality Restaurants, seven North Bay businesses like “Willi’s Wine Bar” in Santa Rosa.

Most of the company’s 470+ employees have already gotten the shot including all managers but the hope is to get even more workers vaccinated. 

The money could be enough to motivate holdouts to get the shot.

“Seeing people that are hesitant decide to make that step will help other co-workers or friends and family do the same,” Zimmerman said.

The spread of the delta variant has created some fear and forced mask-wearing to return to indoor settings in Sonoma County.

The restaurant group sees the lottery as a better way to get employees vaccinated as opposed to a mandate and they’re wanting other businesses to think about trying the idea.

“Anything that we need to do to make sure that our employees our staff members and our community and our guests are safe, we’re willing to do it,” Zimmerman said.

The lottery drawings for all vaccinated employees will be happening on September 1st. 

As we get closer to that date, the restaurant group expects more people will get on board.