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Vallejo girl finds way to help hungry families during COVID-19 pandemic

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VALLEJO, Calif. (KRON) – Finding ways to put food on the table has become another challenge that millions of unemployed Californians now face because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

One girl from Vallejo, inspired by the generosity of others, is now looking to change that.

Like so many families across the Bay Area, Gabby Morris and her family needed a little help during the pandemic. 

Her mom came across a Facebook message for some free produce.

She brought Gabby along for the trip and from that moment, something sparked inside her to help others. 

“I really like helping people,” Gabby said. 

Gabby Morris is trying to solve a problem that has even the biggest kids stumped.

She’s hoping answers will come from the front of her Vallejo home. 

“Everybody deserves food, and have access to food,” Hannah Morris, Gabby’s mom, said. 

In the last few weeks, she’s been collecting donations, and restocking the shelves on this outdoor pantry. 

It’s become a lifeline providing food, water, books and other necessities for people caught in COVID-19 crisis. 

“We’re a family that struggles at times too, as I believe everybody does especially during this whole pandemic that’s going on,” Hannah said.

The desire to feed others started with a hunger in her own family. 

Gabby’s mom says she recently found a woman giving away free produce to people in need. 

Gabby tagged along for the trip.

“I had no idea that it was a whole free food stand with all kinds of produce and children books,” Hannah said.

The moment would be just the right ingredient Gabby would need to cook up her plan. 

“The next morning, I had woke up and she had cleared her shoe shelf off and had snacks ready to go and this was 5 a.m.,” Hannah said.  

“I gave away some of clothes away, some of my shoes that didn’t fit me and I gave some of my toys away,”Gabby said.

Since then, she’s been flooded with donations but Gabby isn’t alone in her fight to help. 

“I’m like this is amazing. That right there is worth every single hour I’ve spent on this,” Heather Pierini said.

Heather Pierini is the founder of Food Is Free Solano

Gabby’s outdoor pantry is just one of more than 30-across Solano County.

Pierini started the group in late June. 

Since then, she’s secured more than 300,000 pounds of produce, and 8,000 gallons of milk through a federal program. 

“This country we have so many resources and yet, we’re needing people to create these hubs in their communities to feed their neighbors,” Pierini said.

Pierini says Food Is Free Solano is always looking for not only donations but volunteers who can help get the food out. 

If you would like to help or learn where those food pantries are located, CLICK HERE

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