VALLEJO, Calif. (KRON) – One pound of methamphetamine was discovered in a stolen car, along with a firearm and a weight scale, according to the Vallejo Police Department.

The discovery was made after an officer “observed a stolen vehicle traveling past his patrol unit,” a Facebook post from Vallejo police stated.

The suspect driving the stolen car left it and fled on foot, the post continued.

“The officer quickly caught the fleeing suspect and arrested him,” the post continued. “VPD officers searched the stolen vehicle and discovered one pound of methamphetamine, a loaded firearm, and a weight scale.”

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Vallejo police put into perspective the amount of meth discovered.

“The average meth user uses approximately one-half to two grams per day,” the post concluded. “There are approximately 453 grams in one pound – this is enough meth to last the average user well over one year.”