VALLEJO, Calif. (KRON) — A suspect was arrested last Friday in connection to stealing a car and having an unlicensed firearm, the Vallejo Police Department announced Wednesday in a Facebook post. Officers located the male suspect in a stolen Kia Soul (pictured above) in front of a liquor store on the 700 block of Sonoma Boulevard.

When the suspect saw a VPD officer drive by, he got out of his car and went inside the store, according to police. The suspect then tried to hide from police by hiding behind the store’s counter.

He was eventually detained and taken to Solano County Jail. Police searched him and found an unregistered gun with an extended loaded magazine (pictured below).

(Vallejo Police Department)

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Police did not release any other information about the suspect. The stolen Kia was towed from the scene, and the car’s owner was notified of the situation.