SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A homeowner is left upset after a vandal tore down two Ukrainian flags from her front porch.

Leanna Dawydiak grew up in San Francisco and has traveled to Ukraine in the past to visit her family, so she is particularly distraught by the scene left on her stoop.

This is video of the vandal walking up to her front porch in the Richmond District this past Sunday a half hour after midnight.

The video shows him going straight for the yellow and blue flag – ripping it off it’s mount that causes a flower pot to topple over.

He walks away only to come back and tear down a second Ukrainian flag. Regardless of the reason or motive. The homeowner is disturbed by these actions.

Those flags are back up and proudly flowing in the breeze. Dawydiak has lived in the very same home in the Richmond District for more than 30 years.

She even served on the police force as a sergeant and tells me times are noticeably getting tougher to live in San Francisco, especially in the last three years.