VALLEJO, Calif. (KRON) – Peaceful protests, followed by a violent night in Vallejo on Monday.

Looting reported at a Walgreens led to an officer involved shooting.

Many stores were vandalized, glass broken, boarded up windows.

Other stores that have not been vandalized began boarding up windows just in case.

“In 27 years of service, I have never experienced what I did last night in the city of Vallejo,” Police Chief Shawny Williams said. 

Vallejo’s Police Chief says his city is under siege, not by demonstrators peacefully protesting the death of George Floyd but by a group of vandals and looters from outside the city who are attacking businesses.

“This was a coordinated attack by organized individuals seeking to cause destruction and harm to our community,” Williams said. 

Police say beginning at 9 p.m. Monday night, they spent hours going from call to call as one business after another was attacked.

“The city of Vallejo will not tolerate the type of lawlessness that we have seen over the last few nights,” Mayor Bob Sampayan said. 

Vallejo’s mayor says the destruction will not be allowed to continue and those who work in Vallejo and are boarded up are glad to hear it.

“The protesters run from 9 to 3 and it’s over and they go home, anything after 5:30 they need to be arrested and put in jail,” a resident said.

As far as the curfew it goes into effect at 8 p.m. 

Shop owners are hopeful this time it will keep vandals away.

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