Businesses in San Francisco now that require proof of vaccination from their customers coming inside, which includes bars and restaurants, just finished up their first full weekend of enforcement.

When the owner of Il Casaro Pizzeria in North beach first heard about the new mandate, he was worried about it.

Being in a tourist destination, he was concerned it would mean fewer customers going inside his restaurant.

However, with a full weekend now behind him, he found an app that helps him verify vaccination information and was pleasantly surprised by how well customers took it.

“Most people had maybe one or two people that didn’t know about it, but there was no pushback.”

Laurie Thomas with the Golden Gate Restaurant Association, who owns Rose’s Cafe on Union street and Terzo around the corner, said she had very few problems this weekend.

She’s also heard the same reports from the 15 or so restaurants she’s talked to since.

“I’ve heard of one or two people having some people unhappy about it. Many of us have gotten, myself included, one or two emails from upset people who are against being asked to prove or get the vaccine. But the overwhelming majority went very smoothly.”

One woman dining out with friends said this was the first time going out to eat in the city since the new health mandate went into effect. While today they chose to sit outside, where vaccine verification is not required by the health department, she was ready.

“I don’t think it’s a hassle at all. If you’re vaccinated and you have the card, it’s like when you pay for a bill using your electronic wallet. I think it’s a wonderful thing because we’re all in it together,” said

The next hurdle for the various businesses affected by this new health order is to get verification status from thier employees by October 13th.

The head of the Golden Gate Restaurant Association doesn’t think that will be a problem here. She estimates 95% to 98% of restaurant employees in San Francisco are already vaccinated.