SAN LEANDRO, Calif. (KRON) — Vice President Kamala Harris made a pit stop in California on Wednesday to support Governor Gavin Newsom.

He’s facing a recall election, with the last day to vote on Sept. 14.

The vice president posted on all her social media saying she voted “no” on the recall of Newsom. She’s urging Californians to do the same.

Harris and Newsom have worked together many times; when she was the district attorney in San Francisco, Newsom was the mayor.

They continued to work together when Newsom was Lt. Governor and Harris was Attorney General of California.

Now, they rallied together in the Bay Area just days ahead of the recall election.

This rally was rescheduled from one that was supposed to happen a couple of weeks ago but was canceled when Harris had to turn her focus to the situation in Afghanistan.

By having her out here, Team Newsom says their goal is to make sure every living breathing Californians knows this recall is happening.

“We are here to say today we fight for Gavin Newsom!” Vice President Harris said. 

With the vice president and other big Democrat politicians showing up for Newsom, it’s evident the race could be a close call.

“We fight for dreamers, we fight for women!”

It has the potential to significantly alter the political landscape in the nation’s most populated state.

California voters haven’t elected a Republican to the governor seat since 2006.

Thousands of mail-in ballots are already in, but there are also thousands of people either on the fence of how they will vote and if they will vote at all. Since it is a special election, the turnout could be lower.

Newsom was in San Francisco campaigning on Tuesday.

Part of his campaign strategy has been telling voters what would happen if a Republican candidate were to take his job as governor.

President Joe Biden plans to come to California to support the governor before election day as well.