Vice President Mike Pence visits Mountain View-based NASA Ames

Bay Area

MOUNTAIN VIEW (KRON) — Vice President Mike Pence came to NASA-Ames Thursday to see work underway on the Artemis Mission, which hopes to land a woman, for the first time, on the moon in 2024.

“I toured your state of the art jet facility, which tests the spacecraft  and equipment that will keep our space pioneer safe. I saw firsthand the vertical motion simulator,” Pence said. 

Outside NASA-Ames, a small but vocal group of protestors carried signs calling for the impeachment of President Trump and critical of the vice president’s stance on abortion.

“Pence basically says that he does not believe that Roe vs. Wade was decided correctly,” said protester Vara Ramakrishnan, with Vigil for Democracy. 

“We’re out here because not enough people understand Pence and danger he represents in the larger picture,” said Barry Thornton with Refuse Facism. 

The demonstrators blocked the entrance to the facility for a time but there were no arrests.  

Inside, Pence mingled with and praised NASA-Ames employees after seeing work connected to the development of a lunar rover.

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