(KRON) — A man was arrested in downtown Palo Alto on Monday after he robbed a man that he met on a Caltrain, according to the Palo Alto Police Department. Dennis Isaac Holmes, 36, of San Jose was identified as the suspect.

PAPD received a call at about 9:15 p.m. from a man in his 30s who said he had been robbed. The victim said the crime happened on Alma Street at Lytton Avenue and the suspect was a man he had just met riding on the Caltrain.

After riding the train from San Jose to Palo Alto, the victim said the man he met stole his backpack and a bag of clothes. The suspect allegedly said he had a gun and threatened to kill the victim unless he gave up his belongings.

At about 9:26 p.m., PAPD received a call from employees at the 7-Eleven located at 401 Waverley St. who said a man inside the store was creating a disturbance. He was identified as the robbery suspect and arrested.

When Holmes was arrested, he had the victim’s items but no gun. He was booked into jail on suspicion of robbery (felony) and parole violation. He was previously convicted of assault with a deadly weapon.